Helpful Resources

Resources we found useful

Over the years, we’ve found many websites that have helped us a lot.  While talking to your goat breeder is ideal for most situations, sometimes it’s just not a good idea to call them at 1:00 AM.  For all those questions that nag at you while you’re trying to fall asleep and for all the ingenious projects that you can’t invent on your own, we present to you some of our favorite resources.


Fias Co Farm

This website was one of the first we consulted when we bought our three grade goats.  Stuffed full with information for the beginner and the expert alike, it can tell you everything from making cheese to treating pneumonia with holistic remedies!


Pholia Farm

Building a milk stand on your own can be daunting and expensive.  Fortunately, Pholia Farm has posted a great tutorial for a portable milk stand out of PVC.  It’s very inexpensive, and we always bring it with us to goat shows.  You can play cards on it in a pinch.