Purchase Policies

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Fuji Farm doe or buck.

We require a $100.00 deposit to reserve the kid of your choice. If that kid is unavailable, we will place your deposit towards another kid of your choice, place it towards a kid from the following kidding season, or refund your money. Note: No refunds on cancelled orders!

We do accept Paypal using its email invoice system. We really like this feature because it doesn’t require a purchaser to have a Paypal account. If you are interested in placing a deposit, or purchasing an animal using Paypal, or if you’d like more information on Paypal, please contact us by clicking here.

All of our kids are removed at birth, and housed separately from the mature animals. We have a clean herd, and vaccinate regularly. In order to maintain a healthy, disease-free herd, we do not offer buck service to outside herds; however, limited semen is available on some of our bucks. We follow a strict CAE prevention program, raising all kids on colostrum replacer and pasteurized milk. We feed the highest quality, locally grown alfalfa hay we can find, with bicarbonate and minerals available free choice.

We guarantee the health of our animals at the time of shipment, but we cannot guarantee your management. If any genetic abnormalities are found, please send a letter from your veterinarian stating the issue, and we will work on getting your replacement. Since we maintain a closed herd, we will not allow animals to return after leaving, but if you are requesting a replacement, you must notify us prior to selling the animal in question. We may then ask for the problem animal to be euthanized or neutered by a vet and a certificate sent to us, depending on the reason asking for the replacement.

We strive to breed Nigerians that fall under the ADGA height allowance, but when dealing with genetics, there are never any guarantees as to how a kid will mature, therefore we cannot guarantee the mature height of any kid.

We do ship. Fuji Farm will provide transportation to the air terminal, but all other shipping and related costs will be paid by the purchaser (airfare, certificate, health papers, etc.). We prefer to ship via Alaska Airlines, but know that animals can also be shipped by Delta Airlines with no problems. We will gladly help you make shipping arrangements that are the most cost effective. We do however love to show off our farm, and would love to have you come by to pick up your purchase in person whenever possible!

Thank you again for your interest, and if we can be of any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.