SG Fuji Farm HK Koko 1*M

Koko - 2012 Nationals

KoKo - Udder - 2012

Koko is a nice doe with genetics from the famous Rosasharn’s Tiger L line.   She has a very level topline and never ceases to impress us in the milk pail each year.

SG Fuji Farm HK Koko 1*M

DOB: 04/10/2010

                                                                    SS:  ++*B AGS Rosasharn’s TL Ukulele Ke’a

                                             S: +*B Hollow UK Hickory Oak

                                                                   SD: AGS Rosasharn’s UMT Red Maple 1*M


                                                                   DS: AGS Rosasharn’s GX Cashew

                                             D: JDR Ranch CS Lady Syringa

                                                                   DD:SGCH Odeon DWC Honey Dew Blossom 2*M

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