Blame it on Craig’s List…

Blame it on Craig’s List…



A few years back, we saw an ad with a photo that looked a lot like this one. Fascinated by the slightly crazy looking goat in the picture, we drove out to Boise to take a look at three grade Nigerian Dwarves living in a suburban backyard on what used to be manicured lawn. (We were so smitten, it didn’t register that the lawn would’ve been absolutely perfect if three goats weren’t noshing on it!)

Impressed with the owners’ free goat advice — like that they only need a trampoline for shelter and that Nigerians really don’t eat too much hay as long as there’s an apple tree nearby — our resolve to “just look” began to waver. After getting a live demonstration that hoof trimming is as easy as 1 (body slam the goat), 2 (lay on the goat and turn away from her mouth unless you like rumen breath), and 3 (wrench off the hoof trimmings with tin snips), the deal was sealed.

We became the proud owners of Gemma (pictured), Clara, and Heidi. We loaded them into the back of our minivan along with three slightly moldy bales of hay and a half bag of sheep minerals thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Our lives have never been the same!