About Us

About us and our farm …

In October, 2014, our family made the trek from Idaho to California. Since then, we have made several trips back and forth to transport the rest of our belongings, including two new(-ish) goats! This is the second time we’ve owned both Uli and Micah, and we’re pleased to have both of them back.

We’re happily situated in a smaller, much more manageable piece of land than our old property.  Although we only have a little over an acre of land (a huge change from seven acres), we have been able to build enough sheds to shelter the entire herd.  The goats have eagerly adjusted to the temperate climate here and bask in the sunshine every day.



Our Story

When we moved to Idaho with our four young children in 2006, fulfilling our long-held dream to escape from suburbia, we envisioned growing things like fruit trees and vegetables because that’s what we already knew how to do. We very rationally committed to easing into the rural lifestyle because we just had so much to learn. “Just stick to the basics”, we said…

Within a year, we had a menagerie of dogs, cats, chickens, and three grade Nigerian Dwarf goats. Our plans for rehabilitating our small fruit orchard and starting a vegetable garden were on hold until we could figure out why we couldn’t grow anything but weeds.

We purchased our first registered Nigerian Dwarves from Ken Feaster-Eytchison in the fall of 2007 and shortly thereafter joined ADGA and registered the Fuji Farm herd name. Since then, we have been steadily growing our herd, entering the show ring for the first time in the summer of 2009. Our children have honed their goat showmanship skills as members of the Jump Creek Wranglers 4-H club. They are a vital part of our team, serving as exhibitors and handlers wherever we show. For us, Fuji Farm is truly a family affair.

In the spring of 2010, we completed the consolidation of the Odeon Ranch herd and debuted the “new and improved” Fuji Farm herd at the 2010 TVDGA show in Homedale, Idaho. In 2010, we participated in three shows, comprising seven rings.

Over the course of the last few years, we have attended two ADGA National Shows and numerous county fairs.  We also helped to organize the ADGA National Convention in 2012.

In 2014, Chris accepted a job position in Camarillo, California and moved down on his own.  The rest of the family stayed in Idaho to prepare for the move and care for the herd.  We essentially took a break from the goat show circuit for a year in order to pack up boxes and visit different properties, but this year, we’re thrilled to be back in the business.   We’re already exploring the many opportunities to show and have recently joined the Ojai Valley Grange.



Our Herd Name

Our herd is named in honor of Chris’s grandmother who passed away one month after we moved to Idaho. Grandma (or Baachan, as our kids knew her) was a four-foot something woman of few words, but great strength and perseverance.

As World War II drew to a close, she found herself raising her four young children on her own, having been widowed while the family was interned at a U.S. government camp in Poston, Arizona. You can hear her voice in the rap song Kenji.



She always worked hard to provide for her family, doing piecemeal work like tying fishing hooks and leaders at home while working in the Los Angeles garment industry as a seamstress. She never learned to drive, taking the bus everywhere, but was the person everyone asked whenever they needed directions! Her example of humility, hard work, and quiet determination are qualities that we hold very dearly.

Since Fuji means “wisteria” in Japanese and since purple was Baachan’s favorite color, we originally went with purple as our herd color; however, we have recently selected blue as our primary color because it’s worked so successfully for Ken Feaster-Eytchison and his Odeon Ranch herd. Plus, we inherited some really nice blue buckets …